Interior Painting Services

Interior painting is one of the best and most affordable ways to completely revitalize a living space, and it’s important to rely on a professional for the best possible quality. Austin Painting and Cabinets has decades of experience in painting kitchens, living rooms, hallways, bathrooms, utility rooms, and more. 

Services We Provide

Whether you need a single room repainted or you’re interested in whole-home interior painting, Austin Painting and Cabinets provides quality work at affordable prices. Our goal is to make your interior painting experience a simple, headache-free, and even enjoyable one. 

Some of our most popular interior painting projects include:

  • Interior walls and ceilings
  • Trim, baseboard, crown molding, and door painting
  • Whole-home interior painting
  • Single room interior painting
  • Move-in and move-out painting services

Why You Should Hire a Professional

Interior painting may seem simple at first, but professional-quality results require professional experience and tools. We provide everything you need to get the best possible result, including the best materials in the industry. When you take on an interior painting project on your own, you should consider the following:

  • The cost and quality of the supplies. Professional painters have access to a nearly unlimited supply of high-quality materials that they can procure at a discount. They will not run out of the color you choose, and you can rest assured that the paint they use will last. 
  • The time involved in a painting project. To paint a small room correctly, you will need to prep the walls, apply primer, then apply at least two coats of an appropriate high-quality paint. It isn’t as simple as applying a coat of paint to the walls. 
  • The cost associated with mistakes. Professional painters have the experience they need to take all the proper precautions. All too often, DIY projects turn into disasters due to spilled paint containers, paint that refuses to dry, and even swirls of color on the wall because the paint wasn’t properly mixed. 

Leaving the interior painting to the professionals may cost a little more up front, but the results are well worth it. Consider professional painting an investment in your home - and in your peace of mind. Contact Austin Painting and Cabinets for a quote or to learn more about how we can help you with your unique painting project.