Cabinet Painting Services

When done professionally, painted cabinets can breathe new life into your space and completely change the aesthetic. If you are curious about painting your existing cabinets to suit your personal sense of style, Austin Painting and Cabinets provides quality service at competitive prices.

Cabinet Painting vs. Cabinet Replacement

If you are struggling to decide whether to paint your existing cabinets or install all-new ones, there are a few helpful tips that can make this choice more straightforward. 

  • Cabinet painting is not feasible for cabinets in disrepair. Paint can breathe new life into your space and allow you to express your own personal sense of style, but it cannot make dilapidated cabinets that need major work look new again. 
  • Painting your cabinets is less of a commitment. When done professionally, your freshly-painted cabinets don’t have to be a lifetime commitment. In fact, if you decide to renovate again in a few years, you can have your cabinets refinished and repainted to suit the new aesthetic. 
  • Cabinet painting is more affordable. Replacing your kitchen cabinets can be costly, especially if your home requires custom cabinetry. Professional cabinet painting is also an investment, but it’s a much more affordable one that can have just as much impact on your space. 

When to Consider Cabinet Painting 


At Austin Painting and Cabinets, our clients request our cabinet painting services in various situations. Cabinet painting might be right for you when:

  • You don’t want a full remodel, but you do want to change the way your space looks. A full kitchen, bath, or laundry renovation can be expensive and time-consuming. Cabinet painting is less of an investment in terms of both time and cost, but it can have a major impact on your space’s overall aesthetic. 
  • The current paint is flaking, peeling, or undesirable. If your cabinets have been painted in the past and the paint is now cracking, flaking, or peeling, professional cabinet painting services can help. With some time and patience, it is possible to strip your cabinets down and apply new, high-quality paint that will last for years. 
  • You are installing new countertops and the cabinets don’t match the color profile. Sometimes our clients find countertops that they absolutely adore, but their existing cabinetry’s color does not match. Rather than installing all-new cabinets, we work with our clients to help them choose a color and finish for their existing cabinets. This way, they can enjoy the look of their new countertops and refreshed cabinetry for thousands of dollars less.