Looking to Repaint Your Cabinets? Have a Professional Do It

If you want a new look for your kitchen space but completely new cabinetry isn’t in your budget, cabinet painting is an excellent alternative.
20th July 2022, 10:34 a.m.

If you want a new look for your kitchen space but completely new cabinetry isn’t in your budget, cabinet painting is an excellent alternative. However, painting your cabinets isn’t quite as straightforward as painting your walls, and it’s best to let a professional handle the task. Below are some of the important reasons why. 


Pros Understand Design & Color 


Choosing a color scheme for your kitchen cabinets may seem fairly simple, but the truth is there’s more to cabinet painting than just color. There are dozens of different finishes and styles from which to choose, and not all colors look their best with every finish. When you hire a professional cabinet painter, you can rely on their expert advice for colors and finishes. They are in the know when it comes to the latest interior design trends - including colors and finishes - so if you want the best possible result, contact a pro. 


Proper Prep is Vital to the End Result


The preparation involved in getting kitchen cabinets ready to be painted can be a bit tricky, especially for DIY-ers who have never painted cabinets before. Unlike prepping walls, which generally involves slapping on some spackle and then sanding it flat, preparing cabinets for paint is a completely different process. You’ll need to remove every single door - and every single piece of hardware from those doors - before scrubbing your cabinets inside and out. Then, every surface that will be painted must be meticulously sanded and primed. For a do-it-yourselfer, this can be a ton of work, and if anything goes wrong, it can negatively affect the entire look. That’s why it’s best to hire a professional, instead. 


They Have Experience & Skill


Even if you’re pretty good at painting walls, the truth is that a professional cabinet painting company is likely better. After all, they have based their entire business model around it, and the technicians spend every workday painting a variety of cabinets in kitchens of all sizes and styles. Aside from that, a professional painting company has access to the high-quality tools and products they need to get the job done right. You can expect a proper paint job with clean lines and no feathering - and you can also expect the paint to last for years with proper care and maintenance. 


Mistakes Can’t Happen


Once you’ve started painting your kitchen cabinets, there’s no turning back. The paint is already on the cabinet, and the only choice you have is to continue. If you decide you don’t like the look, or if you don’t really care for the color, you’ll need to go through the process of sanding, stripping, and priming your cabinets all over again before you can try the next color. When you hire a pro, they can help you choose the right shade and tone of the color you want so that it looks just as amazing on the cabinets as it does on the paint swatch. Thanks to their years of experience, they are highly unlikely to make potentially costly mistakes, and if they do, they know exactly how to fix them. 


These are all excellent reasons to call a professional cabinet painting company, but perhaps the biggest reason of all has to do with time and convenience. Cabinet painting is time-consuming, and for many people, it’s not something they can get done in a weekend. Hiring a pro ensures that your kitchen is back in business as quickly as possible.