Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends Happening Right Now

If you are considering the possibility of painting your kitchen cabinets but you aren’t sure where to start, it’s always fun to think about the colors that you might like in your kitchen.
2nd July 2022, 10:29 a.m.

If you are considering the possibility of painting your kitchen cabinets but you aren’t sure where to start, it’s always fun to think about the colors that you might like in your kitchen. Interior designers tend to lean toward certain colors more than others when it comes to kitchens and cabinetry, so take a look at the options below and think about how they might look in your space. 


Classic White


Classic white will be the number one color choice for kitchen cabinets year after year. White is a timeless color that suits almost any decor and design style, and it brings to mind feelings of freshness and cleanliness - things that are important in kitchens. Furthermore, white serves as a neutral base, which means you can incorporate color into your kitchen in other ways. For example, if you opt for white cabinets with panes of glass for doors, you can add a pop of bright color with the dishes you stack inside!


Warm Green


Warm, earthy greens are the big color trend for 2022, and when done correctly, they can almost serve as a neutral color. Look for muted shades of olive, hunter green, and even sage, and pair them with warm woods like oak or walnut for a stately and regal feel. Warm green cabinetry looks best with simple silver hardware; gold, copper, and bronze may clash and lead to visual disarray. For a darker green, look for a brushed nickel finish; for a lighter sage green, you might even opt for a shiny chrome. 


Vibrant Blue


Believe it or not, bold, bright blues are finding their way into kitchens all across the country this year, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. It is important to note that when you paint your kitchen cabinets in bright colors, they immediately become your kitchen’s focal point, so it’s important to work with that in the rest of your decor. Pair blue cabinets with white, off-white, or light gray walls for the best visual appeal, and stick to white or stainless steel appliances, too. 


Dark Matte Gray


Homeowners who love the modern industrial decor style will find that dark matte gray cabinets give them the perfect canvas for putting together their dream kitchens. Matte gray looks amazing when paired with light-colored marble countertops and backsplashes, and it pairs extremely nicely with glass and chrome accents, too. This color provides a more “masculine” look in the kitchen, so if you’ve been thinking of installing a kitchenette in your man cave, this is a color option to consider. 




Red has been making its way into kitchens for the last decade or so. The trend got its start with the introduction of the bright red focal wall in the kitchen, but these days, it’s more about natural reds. For example, light mahogany red, brick red, or even terracotta red cabinets can serve as your focal point against white, cream, or even light gray walls and backsplashes. You’ll need to choose your hardware carefully based on the undertones of the red you choose; pairing cool-colored fixtures with a warm red cabinet can clash. 


The hottest colors for kitchen cabinets as of 2022 are warm green, vibrant blue, dark matte gray, red, and the ever-popular classic white. If you don’t see the color you hoped for on this list, don’t let that stop you! A professional cabinet painting team can bring your dreams to fruition in every color of the rainbow.