Breathe New Life into Any Space with a Freshly Painted Focal Wall

Breathing new life into your space is as simple as a fresh coat of paint. You can check out some of the ideas below, mix and match them, or get creative with them and make them your own.
10th May 2022, 8:50 a.m.

If you really enjoy the overall design of your living room, kitchen, or even bedroom but you’re feeling a little bored with the color or look, a focal wall can be just the pizzazz your space needs. Fortunately, breathing new life into your space is as simple as a fresh coat of paint. You can check out some of the ideas below, mix and match them, or get creative with them and make them your own. 


Paint Your Focal Wall a Bold Color


Perhaps the simplest way to make your space more interesting involves choosing a color that resonates with you and painting the wall of your choice with it. Some popular choices right now include creating a bright red focal wall in the kitchen, a teal or aquamarine focal wall in the master bathroom, or a sunny yellow wall in a bedroom. When you choose decor that matches your focal color, it can really help the space come to life. For example, if you decide to go with a lemon yellow wall in your bedroom, opt for a couple of yellow vases on your dresser and some yellow accent pillows for your bed. You might even choose to purchase a comfortable chair in the same yellow and arrange it along the opposite wall for added effect. 


Don’t Shy Away from Heavy Patterns


You would never paint lime green and bright blue stripes on every single wall in a room, but when you choose just one wall for some creative heavy patterns, you might be surprised at the outcome. For a project like this, you’ll want to decide which part of the room should be the most noticeable and put your focal wall there. To put this into perspective, if you want to add a bold pattern to your bathroom, it’s usually best to make the focal wall the one opposite the vanity and sink area. This helps to create balance in the space without making it appear cluttered. In a kitchen, however, it may make sense to paint a bold pattern in the spaces above and below your kitchen cabinets. Heavy patterns might not be the right choice for everyone, but they can make some spaces feel more alive. 


Make Your Favorite Art the Focus


Artwork is a great way to truly personalize your space and express your sense of self, so if you’re really interested in utilizing artwork as your focus, there are plenty of fun and inspiring ways to do it. When you do choose this route, it’s best to keep the paint on the art wall relatively simple - avoid patterns that might take the eye away from the art itself. One current trend involves choosing three related prints hung in a row, choosing a color that is found in all three prints, and using that color to paint the wall behind the art. Rather than taking the eye away from the art itself, it actually creates a double focal wall. At first, the eye is drawn to the unique color of the wall; then, it gravitates toward the artwork. 


Focal walls are fantastic for numerous reasons. They can completely transform a space without having to completely redecorate, or they can serve as inspiration for a complete redo. The best part is that they give you all of the creativity and freedom you need to express your personal sense of style without being too overwhelming.