5 Cabinet Additions to Make Your Kitchen More Convenient

6th May 2022, 8:43 a.m.

If you love to cook, the benefits of an organized kitchen cannot be overstated. When everything has its place, you’ll know  exactly where to look to find the right ingredients at the right times. Below, you can learn more about five popular cabinet additions - things that go beyond traditional kitchen cabinets - designed to make your kitchen truly work for you. 


#1 - The Pull-Out Trash Cabinet


A dedicated space for keeping your garbage cans hidden is an absolute must-have, but a tall cabinet isn’t the only way to create one. A pull-out cabinet that is wide enough for two (or even three!) medium-sized waste containers can make tossing trash or gathering recyclables a cinch. From the outside, it looks like a standard cabinet, but when you pull the handle, it behaves more like a drawer. Two separate containers is always a plus, but with a little creativity, you can hide your compost bin here, too. 


#2 - A Corner Lazy Susan


If you want to maximize the space in your kitchen, a corner cabinet is a great idea - especially if your kitchen workspace is L-shaped. Fitting the corner cabinet with a lazy susan keeps things accessible, as well. These 90-degree cabinets have two or three independent shelves depending on your individual cabinet sizes and preferences, and each of the shelves is fitted with a 360-degree spinning carousel. 


#3 - The Roll-Out Pantry


A well-stocked and organized pantry can make preparing meals simpler. What’s more, when you can easily see what you have on hand, you’re far less likely to buy duplicates and end up with food waste. While there’s nothing wrong with a traditional pantry system built into your kitchen cabinets, a roll-out pantry system takes things to the next level. Rather than opening the door and standing on your tiptoes to see what’s in the back of the pantry, you can pull each individual shelf out toward you, instead. It keeps everything organized and within reach. 


#4 - Toe-Kick Drawers


Toe-kick drawers are brilliant for maximizing the space that’s available to you. These narrow drawers are placed at the bottom of your kitchen cabinets and can be utilized for a wide range of purposes. A wider toe-kick drawer is perfect for storing things like baking sheets, large serving platters, muffin tins, and other items that are awkward to store in your normal storage spaces. They can also be utilized for kitchen linens or used as “junk drawers” that hold batteries, flashlights, emergency candles, and other things that you don’t use often. 


#5 - A Drop Zone 


If your family is like many others, there’s a good chance that the kitchen serves as a common area for the entire family. Rather than battling against the neverending clutter - things like keys, permission slips for school, bills that need to be paid, and sticky notes left for other family members - you can easily incorporate a drop zone into your kitchen cabinets. This cabinet can be installed at the end of a cabinet run, and while it is only a few inches deep, it is perfect for busy families. You can install a keyhook and more in the drop zone cabinet, and you can even put a whiteboard on the back of the door for sharing important information. This way, cleaning up the clutter is as simple as shutting the door. 


Although standard kitchen cabinets are certainly useful, and it’s possible to be creative with your storage solutions, these five unique and specialized cabinet additions will help keep your life and living space more organized. From organizing your recycling to keeping a well-stocked pantry, each of these options provides an exciting benefit that is sure to make your life simpler.